Air Casters

Air Casters


Air Casters are also often called Air Cushions, Air Skates or even Air Bearings. Air Casters can be mounted permanently underneath specific equipment or tools or used as a modular air caster system.


Air Casters are pneumatic elements that can be placed underneath an object or frame, allowing almost friction-free movement and positioning in all horizontal directions. That means that Air Casters are ideal for moving heavy objects.


Air cushion transport system


Air Caster corporation Aerofilm Systems produces the A-type Air Caster, B-type Air Caster and NC-type Air Caster: each with their specific advantages. With each different Air Caster type, an air cushion transport system can be adjusted to your specific needs.


Below you’ll learn that water casters are available which use water as their operating medium instead of air.

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Both the A- and B-type of Air Casters can be supplied as Water Casters where the medium is changed from air into water. The principle remains the same. The water consumption of water casters is generally 5% of the amount of air volume needed by the air casters.


Specific coatings and protection layers can be applied on the Water – and Air Casters for harsh environments. Also different types of housings, for example stainless steel, can be delivered to meet specific requirement e.g. the food or pharmaceutical industry.

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