Air caster type
Size (mm)
Size (inch)
Capacity (kg)
Capacity (lbs)
Working Pressure (barg)
Working Pressure (psig)

Aerofilm Neoprene

Neoprene Air casters 36 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 50000 lbs
Size: 36 inch

Neoprene Air casters 48 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 90000 lbs
Size: 48 inch

Neoprene Air casters 60 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 130000 lbs
Size: 60 inch

Neoprene Air casters 27 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 28000 lbs
Size: 27 inch

Neoprene Air casters 21 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 16000 lbs
Size: 21 inch

Neoprene Air casters 15 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 8500 lbs
Size: 15 inch

Neoprene Air casters 12 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 5000 lbs
Size: 12 inch

Neoprene Air casters 8 inch High Capacity

Capacity: 2280 lbs
Size: 8 inch

Neoprene Air casters 48 inch Default Capacity

Capacity: 48000 lbs
Size: 48 inch

Neoprene Air casters 36 inch Default Capacity

Capacity: 24000 lbs
Size: 36 inch

Neoprene Air casters 8 inch Default Capacity

Capacity: 1140 lbs
Size: 8 inch

Neoprene Air casters 12 inch Default Capacity

Capacity: 2500 lbs
Size: 12 inch

Move heavy objects with the power of Neoprene Air Casters!

Heavy objects can be moved easily and safely with a neoprene Air caster by letting the object float on a thin layer of air. An Air Caster is also known as an Air Skate, Air Bearing Caster, Air Bearing or Air Cushion and is an ideal solution for internal transport. Therefore this technology has been so popular for decades to assist internal transport movements.

The capacity per Air caster is determined by the surface area in combination with the working pressure. The more Air casters the higher the capacity. Please keep in mind that a minimum of 3 Air casters is always required as a stable base.

The neoprene Air casters are the industry standard. With good reason. The compact design makes this caster easy to carry. It can easily be added to a modular system or permanently attached under an installation. The light weight allows one person to change it easily and quickly. The casters are designed in such a way that a higher air pressure can be applied. The result is a capacity per caster up to four times higher than polyurethane Air casters.

To get a better idea of the technology, we like to make the comparison with Air hockey or a Hovercraft. When there is a thin layer of air between the object and the floor, the object can be moved with relatively little force. The important thing is that there is enough air to move the object. The quality of the floor and the type of Air caster determines the amount of air required. Are you curious about the possibilities with Air casters for your internal transport? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

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Even if you are already using Air casters, we can help you with your internal transport challenges. Since 1981, Aerofilm Systems is specialized in Air caster transport. Air casters sometimes needs replacement. With our knowledge and expertise, we can replace most Air casters, even those from competitors. We can offer Air casters of comparable or better quality which can result in serious cost savings. Our Air casters spare parts in combination with our short delivery times and excellent service we like to contribute to your internal logistic challenges.

Are you curious about the competitive prices we can offer? Let us know what type of Air caster you are currently using, and we will make you a competitive offer.

I would like a quote Air caster spare-parts

There are several types of solutions. Air casters can be integrated in your machinery, but we can also offer different types of standard solutions.
Air caster load module system, which is a complete set with all necessary items to move heavy objects with Air casters.
Air caster planks, consisting of a minimum of 2 planks with 2 Air casters on each plank that can be used to easily move machines or stages.
Air caster pallet, which is the reinvented pallet truck with a base of Air casters.

Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about integrating Air casters into your production!

Advantages of Air casters

Economical. Air casters are cost-effective compared to other internal logistic solutions.
Safe. Moving heavy objects and extremely high weights are no challenge for our Air casters
Ergonomic. Less friction with the floor minimizes the effort required to move high weights
Accurate. Because of the ergonomic possibilities, very heavy objects can be repositioned extremely precisely.
No damage to the floor. Air does not scratch; objects float instead of sliding.


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Discover air casters: the ideal solution for moving light to very heavy objects

Learn how air casters can help you to move light, heavy or sensitive objects in a safe, ergonomic, and cost-effective way.