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About Aerofilm

Dedication is the key to our success. We have been active in Air caster transport for almost 40 years. With roots in engineering we have built our business by working closely with our customers and listening to their needs to offer custom-made solutions.

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About Aerofilm:

The technology has been proven for years, but new applications continue to be uncovered. Based on our knowledge and experience, we listen to our customers to help create the best solutions for their needs. We take care of everything down to the last detail. It is in our genes: we want our customers to know they are in good hands.

For us, Air caster transport is more than internal logistics, it is our passion. Aerofilm has been a family business since 1981. We constantly look for the best solution, with a team of technical specialists that is part of the Aerofilm family. Loyalty is important to us, including with our customers, many of whom we have developed long term relationships with for decades. They know they can rely on us because we keep our word. We help them to grow by increasing productivity and saving cost, always striving to exceed expectations and go the distance.

We have our own 16,000 square foot production facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where we design, develop and produce Air casters, Modular Air caster systems and other standard and custom-built systems. This is also our knowledge hub, where we share our expertise with our partners and help them implement our technology. Our highly skilled and experienced team executes details with an eye to detail from beginning to end. No surprises.

In the United States we have a 3,000 square foot workshop and sales office in Westfield, Indiana, where we stock products and assemble standard Air caster systems. From here we provide our North American customers service and good working transport solutions. With local stock we can also guarantee quick lead times in the U.S.

We are Aerofilm, Freedom to move!

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Aerofilm Systems designs, develops and produces Air casters and Air caster transport systems. This form of internal transport is the ideal solution for moving and positioning light to very heavy objects in a safe, ergonomic and cost-effective way. It is also ideal for sensitive and therefore often expensive objects, because Air casters do not cause vibrations during movement.
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Discover air casters: the ideal solution for moving light to very heavy objects

Learn how air casters can help you to move light, heavy or sensitive objects in a safe, ergonomic, and cost-effective way.