To keep your investment in the best shape possible is important for us. Therefore we provide a suite of services to make sure that your transport device is always in optimum condition. For this reason a lot of systems are still in operation since the start of our company and with that, we have built lifelong relationships with our satisfied customers. Our experienced technical and sales staff are available for every question you have in the field of transportation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!


After your air caster transportation device has been delivered, we perform the commissioning on-site to make sure that your equipment is correctly configured. This means that it is finetuned to your specific situation and also your staff is trained to operating the equipment. We deliver the highest quality of preventive and reactive maintenance on-site to minimise the down-time and keep your system running. To fit your requirements, we provide different kind of maintenance contracts.


Despite the maintenance provided to you, a situation can occur that you require our immediate help. In these cases our support staff is available to assist you when an unplanned break down has taken place. Please keep your equipment’s serial number at hand, so we can help you as soon as possible.


Spare parts are crucial in production processes. Your transportation device make use of Commercial Off  The Shelf products from the highest quality brands available. Because of our worldwide presence, spare parts can be distributed to your company very rapidly. Next to that, we also have the critical engineered parts in stock at our production facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. These are also ready to be sent to your premises.


To work safely, it is very important that your staff is well trained because we often deal with very heavy loads and tight spaces. That is why Aerofilm Systems provides trainings on-site or at one of our sales- or distribution offices.


We also provide the service to update your current transportation device to today’s standards. We can refurbish or modify both Aerofilm Systems transporters as well as our competitor’s devices. It can be very beneficial to modify your equipment to Aerofilm Systems air casters.

Facing internal transport challenges or in search of transportation solutions for heavy objects?