Product description

It happens that there is no permanent infrastructure in the air cargo industry. Therefor we’ve developed the Aerolifter; it loads and unloads air cargo containers into airplanes. It is also very suitable for the transportation of fragile cargo loads and it saves 1,000’s of pounds of weight when you don’t need the steel roller conveyors and most importantly results in less fuel consumption!

To load the cargo containers inside the airplane you only need compressed air and an airtight surface to move on.

The principle of transportation is based on air caster technology. The air casters operate by means of a flexible rubber membrane that is fed by compressed air. A controlled leakage of the compressed air creates a thin air film between the floor and the air caster. Because of that the air caster can float a fraction of a mm above the floor with virtually no friction. It only requires 1lbs of pulling force to move a weight of 1,000lbs!


Weight (and fuel) savings on the cargo handling equipment

No high investment for automated cargo handling equipment in the plane needed

No high investment in infrastructure needed

Can be operated by a single person

Simple construction requires very low maintenance

Virtually friction free movement of cargo containers

Accurate positioning of the cargo containers

Not attached to airplane, so no certification needed

No point loads on the aircraft deck and the bottom of the containers

Can be used for every type of ULD and other containers


Option 1

An external logistical device supplies the air cargo container inside the airplane. The Aerolifter picks up the container and one employee moves it to the correct position inside the airplane. After fixing the cargo load to the airplaneā€™s body, the Aerolifter can leave the plane.

Option 2

The Aerolifter is loaded onto a truck together with the cargo container already in place. When connected to the plane, the Aerolifter together with the cargo can be transported inside the airplane in the same way as described under option 1.

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