One big family

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One big family

Aerofilm is a family business. Proud and strong. At the company, we all know this. Each of our employees is part of it, behind the scenes or in the production facility. Let me introduce you: In 1981 the company was founded by Mr. Ruud van Brienen. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Ruud far too soon. Jacco Driessen was already active within the Aerofilm family as Managing Director. Jacco Driessen is now Managing Director and together with Loes van Brienen (daughter of the founder Ruud), the owner of Aerofilm Systems. The next generation is also knocking on the door, as 2 of Jacco’s children are now working at Aerofilm. Robin works in production, and Michiel is starting up a new entity in America. With our air casters, we have been able to make the heaviest weights float since 1981.

But what is it like, growing up as a child among air casters and technology? And what makes Aerofilm so proud to be a family?

Learned at a young age

At the age of 14, Michiel was already a regular visitor to the company. Especially when projects were built, this was all very interesting. Whenever he could be of assistance, he was there. For example, a complex air caster transporter had to be assembled for NKT. The available space to mount a hydraulic cylinder was limited. Michiel was a lot smaller at the time and was able to maneuver around this area. In this way, he was able to complete his first job at Aerofilm proudly. From this moment on, his passion for air casters only increased, and he could be found with the Aerofilm family more and more often.

NKT Cables 02
The NKT air caster transporter

“In extreme situations, it was always nice to be able to fall back on my family, for example, with the conversion of turntables at NKT or adjustment of water casters which always had to be completed under enormous time pressure.” – Jacco Driessen.

Michiel with the turntables at NKT
Michiel with the turntables at NKT

Highlight: Olympic stadium in London

Some six years later, there was a challenging project in London. The stands of the Olympic stadium had to be moved under high time pressure. Now with more experience within Aerofilm, Michiel and Robin operated the night shift as supervisors for this transition. Despite their young age, they accomplished this with flying colors and gained respect from the customers. Robin looks back on London as one of her highlights with the Aerofilm family. Projects in Cologne are also always great fun to attend, she says proudly. When Robin was 17, she was allowed to join the Cologne projects for the first time. Even though it was heavy work, she was able to learn a lot.

(Family) vacation

From the age of 14 onwards, Robin joined the Aerofilm team during her school vacations. Especially during the Christmas vacations, it was an excellent period to come and help out at Aerofilm. Michiel started at a young age as a vacation employee at Aerofilm. Here he learned all disciplines of the trade. He began with the production of polyurethane air casters, and later, he also helped make the neoprene air casters. From his passion for tractors and agricultural machinery, he started training in this direction. In his spare time, he could still be found with the Aerofilm family.

Not just work

At home, Michiel could be found in the workshop with his little projects: welding things together, tinkering with mopeds and cars, or working on the farm at home, at the neighbor’s, or friends’ houses.

With his ever-growing passion for air casters, he helped out more and more with the Aerofilm team. Because of his dexterity, he also visited customers more often to install and maintain air caster transporters. Because of the interfaces between his study and the technology at Aerofilm, Michiel also enjoyed doing his internships at Aerofilm.

Aerofilm is in the heart

Besides his technical interests, Michiel also has the ambition to see the world. He has been traveling a lot but could never resist being involved with Aerofilm. Thus, during his travels, he has visited distributors in South America and Australia, among others. During his travels, the idea of moving to America and starting up a new Aerofilm entity was born in 2016.

The Present

Meanwhile, this plan has been realized, and Michiel moved to America in 2018 to set up Aerofilm Systems Inc., and we can offer our service and products in all corners of America. In doing so, we receive help from knowledgeable distributors who have also been part of the Aerofilm family since 2021.

Robin is now working in the production of neoprene air casters. She is familiar with all types and sizes of this type of air caster. As a production employee at Aerofilm, you are responsible for your assignment, a job with a lot of variation and no assembly line work. It’s fun to stay busy, she says. She has also worked behind the scenes in the office. Here she supported us with marketing activities, among other things. The variation within Aerofilm is what appeals to Robin.

Family company
Robin enjoying the manufacturing of air casters

The family continues to grow!

Along with Aerofilm’s ambitions, the Aerofilm family has only continued to grow in recent years. Several companies are committed to a partnership with Aerofilm. These relationships also become part of the Aerofilm family!

Of course, the family does not stop with the employees. The home front is also regularly included in the many activities that take place at Aerofilm. For example, there are annual dinners and barbecues that the families of the Aerofilm team attend. Besides Jacco’s children, the children of Anja (Finance & HR) and Stephan (Sales Manager) have also done vacation work at Aerofilm. Thus, joys and sorrows are shared together! It is a wonderful company to be a part of!

A slogan that is often heard at Aerofilm Systems is: “there’s never a dull moment!”

Aerofilm Systems designs, develops and produces Air casters and Air caster transport systems. This form of internal transport is the ideal solution for moving and positioning light to very heavy objects in a safe, ergonomic and cost-effective way. It is also ideal for sensitive and therefore often expensive objects, because Air casters do not cause vibrations during movement.
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