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Air lift casters

Choosing the right Air lift caster and Air caster Systems for your industry

Trusted by leading companies in the industrial sector Our air lift casters are made from the finest quality materials and designed for years of trouble-free usage. Each specific Air caster is produced to handle very specific moving requirements. Here at Aerofilm Systems we currently offer five types of air lift casters (Gap crossers Air casters, High-lift Air casters, Cleanroom Air casters, Aqua casters, Neoprene Air casters, and Polyurethane Air casters). Thus, advancements in technology have helped us optimize these casters for greater ease of installation, reliability, durability and performance.

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Types of casters we offer

Aerofilm Systems is a family-owned company, now employing the second generation. We strongly believe that each of our employees is part of our family and treat them that way behind the scenes and in the production facility. Hence, each of them has a special place in the history of the company.

Gap Crossers Air casters

These are not your regular air casters, our Gap crossers are the most viable choice when it comes to movements in unfamiliar environments with floors that may have small floor imperfections (e.g., cracks, joints). Aerofilm Gap crossers excel where others fail!

High-lift Air casters

If required, High-lift Air casters are the perfect alternative to increase lift when transporting (heavy or delicate) loads.

Aqua Casters

With our “Aqua casters” you can use water instead of air as a medium. This technology is ideal for moving and positioning extremely heavy weights (e.g., turntables, cable carousels, cable baskets or moving complete ships). Hence, they require less energy while still moving difficult-to-handle objects, making Aqua casters far more advantageous than regular Air casters.

Neoprene Air casters

Neoprene casters are handy for moving heavy duty equipment. Their load capacity is four times higher than that of polyurethane Air casters. Ranging from 500 kg to 80.000 kg per module.

Polyurethane Air casters

These air lift casters utilize the least amount of compressed air to move a pound and can be easily installed (permanently) beneath a machine, module, or other weight. Hence, polyurethane casters are suitable for sensitive and fragile objects, as they produce no vibrations. Polyurethane air casters are also suitable for cleanrooms, as they are highly hygienic and produce less air swirls due to their design. Hence, a person moving in the room creates more air movement than our air cushions. We have a wide range of casters available for any and every situation!

Aerofilm standard transport systems

Modular air caster systems

These sets include:

Air lift casters

The diameter and working pressure of the membrane determine the capacity of the Air caster. Depending on your application needs, our specialists will help you choose the most suitable Air casters.

Support plates

Air caster elements are attached to plate modules. These facilitate the transfer of air from the air hose to the membrane.

Landing pads

The Air caster element is shielded by these pads, which are mounted on the support plate.

Air regulator manifold

It is responsible for distributing air from the compressor to the Air casters. Each caster can be individually adapted.

Supply hose

It connects the air source to the air regulator manifold, and it can be any length. However, pressure loss is considered for longer lengths, which can be avoided by selecting a thicker hose as the required length grows.

Distribution hose

Based on the client’s requirements, the length of the distribution hose can be customized.

Portable rigging kit

This portable rigging system is perfect for moving weights of up to 24.000 kg. Thus, its transport box (on wheels) designed for long-lasting use, makes it simple to set up and store. Becoming an indispensable tool for industrial movers, as it is one of the most reliable and cost-efficient heavy material handling systems available.

Aerofilm standard transport solutions

Air planks

Air lift casters require very little free space to move a machine, which makes them one of the most advantageous material handling tools. Thus, they can be easily integrated under a machine. This system incorporates at least two air planks. Each plank has two incorporated Air casters. Such Air casters can also be placed in areas that would otherwise be remarkably difficult to access.

Air pallets

It is vital to keep the movement controlled, when transporting and positioning a load. To accomplish this, we have created a plug-and-play solution for moving weights of up to 10,000 kg. For greater control, a “guide wheel” can be included in your Air pallet.

Roll mover

For rolls we have a created a standard solution. It is available in a variety of lengths and roll diameters. Thus, we have over 40 years of experience assisting customers in the movement of round objects (e.g.,paper rolls, cable reels, steel coils, and other round objects). Air lift casters ease your internal transport challenges!
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